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From current production vehicles to one of a kind race cars, we can source your picture vehicle. Our extensive contacts in the industry allow us to access vehicles such as F1 racers, classics, customs, and hot rods that other companies just don’t have. We can supply big rig trucks and trailers, motorcycles, and taxicabs. Our own stable of NASCAR vehicles can be easily customized for your special project.


Product Specialist and Vehicle Database

Keeping track of every vehicle’s options, packages and trim levels is an important part of our service offering. One of the first steps of receiving and checking in a new vehicle to the SWE prep department is to note any differences between a hero and its backup. All vehicles are photographed upon arrival and verified for product correctness based on year/make/model and trim or accessory packages. Shelly Ward Enterprises works with the client to assure each vehicle is product correct, including any client specifications regarding vehicle appearance on camera. Details on placement of seat belts, air vents, hand placement on steering wheel, mirror alignment, radio and electronics settings, etc. are maintained in SWE’s database for each client.


Dealer Relationships

Many years invested in developing strong relationships with new and used automotive dealerships pays off when SWE is asked to source a vehicle. Often, SWE can source vehicles that are not been available even to the client. Time and again, our dealers have said that they are happy to put their cars out on loan with SWE because they are returned looking better than when they left. It is commonplace for SWE to rent a vehicle that is pulled from a dealer lot and when returned to the dealer, it is placed on the showroom floor. This level of respect for the dealers’ cars is what allows SWE to return year after year for additional cars that would not be available to most anyone else.

We have close relationships with two of the largest picture vehicle rental companies in the industry. When background or specific vehicles such as semi-trucks, boats, RVs, buses or other vehicles are needed, SWE will source and transport whatever the project requires.

For projects requiring the purchase of picture vehicles, SWE maintains a California Wholesale Dealer License. The value of our dealer license to the client is that the titles of the vehicles purchased through SWE can be held in suspense or titled as necessary at completion of the job. Additionally, SWE will wholesale unwanted vehicles at the end of a job, thus relieving the client of storage costs and the administrative hassle of handling registration, title, and sale of the vehicles.

Some of Our Recent Vehicle Sourcing Projects

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Recently SWE had the privilege of working with Toyota Japan and producer P.I.G. U.S.A. on their short film “Levin.” Starring Hugh Jackman as the title character, this film tells the story of a man who [...]