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In the automotive advertising industry, the car is the star. We know each frame of film has to be perfect. Our field techs each have an average of more than a decade of experience on the job – a depth of experience that will make a positive difference in your project.

Additional Capabilities Include:

Mobile Tire Changing Unit

This unit is a self contained tire changing unit that goes out with a highly skilled tech. It is especially crucial (and a cost saver), when high performance driving will be done on set with [...]

Repairs & Body Shop

Even with the most careful preparation and anticipation of what might go wrong on a shoot, vehicles often return to the SWE Auto Prep facility with minor sand and rock chips on paint surfaces and [...]

Window Tinting

A 30 year relationship with our tinting vendor provides 24/7 availability and maintains a tinting department onsite in a collaborative partnership with SWE Auto Prep. Relationships with other tint application shops throughout the country enable SWE [...]


The SWE Auto Prep facilities are designed to maximize the workflow of the detailing process. Starting with the city of Los Angeles approved wash bays, the vehicles are washed and the interiors prepped, including carpet and [...]

Rental Equipment

Rental equipment includes SWE Auto Prep’s Mobile Tire Changing Unit, Turntable, Dyno rig, mobile pressure washer and access to an entire fleet of camera cars, electric tracking vehicles, tow vehicles and process trailers.

Art Department

SWE Auto Prep maintains an outsourced art department and works with various individuals and graphics vendors based on job requirements. For specific fabrication projects, SWE Auto Prep works closely with art directors contributing ideas and [...]

Electric Charging Stations for All-Electric Vehicles

SWE Auto Prep has electric charging stations for all-electric vehicles. We are fully equipped with in-shop and mobile charging stations. Each manufacturer has their own unique chargers and the technical experts at SWE Auto Prep [...]

Rigging and Camera Cars

SWE Auto Prep's custom camera rigs have been designed for unique applications at our clients’ requests.  If you have a special need, let us help you with creative approaches to help get your shot.

Some of Our Recent Vehicle Preparation & Specialty Service Work

BMW Films – The Escape

Launched in 2001, BMW Films’ “The Hire” was a series of eight groundbreaking online short films starring Clive Owen as an enigmatic driver for hire. Each film was a unique story, with David Fincher and [...]

C-Class Coupe vs Parkour vs RC Car – The Ultimate Race!

Superior performance, exquisite style, and cutting-edge technology are what you expect from Mercedes-Benz. Watch the ultimate agility race between the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe, a skilled parkour athlete and a Traxxas RC Truck... Enjoy!   Behind [...]

BMW M2 – Eyes On Gigi Hadid

BMW's "Eyes on GiGi" features Gigi Hadid and the first-ever BMW M2. Packed with pure power and performance, when you see the M2 in action, it’s hard to focus on anything else. Even siting still everyone [...]

Hugh Jackman + Toyota: A Tale of Mayhem & Destruction

Recently SWE Auto Prep had the privilege of working with Toyota Japan and producer P.I.G. U.S.A. on their short film “Levin.” Starring Hugh Jackman as the title character, this film tells the story of a [...]

  • KITT

Behind the Scenes with KITT on the Samsung Smart Home Commercial

We got to hang with The Hoff himself on a recent Samsung commercial shoot. The SWE Auto Prep staff also showed superstar TV legend KITT the royal treatment! View the spot here.

Roar Responsibly | Jaguar Commercial

It's got performance with efficiency. It's got all you want in a car as alive as you are. Roar responsibly with Supercharged V6 and Turbocharged 4-Cylinder Engine that gets you 30 mpg highway. When you [...]