Paint, Peel Coat & Wraps

/Paint, Peel Coat & Wraps

SWE Auto Prep brings over 20 years of experience providing specialized paint and peel coat services. Two state-of-the-art C.A.R.B. approved paint booths as well as painters certified in application of water based paints provide 24/7 service as needed. Our paint department is called upon continuously to repair vehicles with front end paint chips and headlight, grill, or windshield pitting that has resulted from filming car-to-car and in close proximity of other vehicles. Our approach to hard and peel coat paint is that there should not be any trace that the vehicle was ever painted or had parts replaced.

Our two state-of-the-art custom spray booths allow our craftsmen to consistently create flawless hard paint and peel coat finishes. The paint, body, and finishing center is available 24/7 to accommodate time critical changeovers and includes:

  • New 16 x 20 SprayTech Downdraft Spray Booth
  • New 16 x 32 SprayTech Reverse Flow Spray Booth
  • Paint mixing room
  • OEM Paint Testing Center
  • Prototype Color Matching

Some of Our Recent Paint & Peel Coat Work

Hugh Jackman + Toyota: A Tale of Mayhem & Destruction

Recently SWE Auto Prep had the privilege of working with Toyota Japan and producer P.I.G. U.S.A. on their short film “Levin.” Starring Hugh Jackman as the title character, this film tells the story of a […]

Custom Made Smart Car Wrap

Custom Made Smart Car Wrap

Mercedes-Benz Winter Event Naughty and Nice

Funny Mercedes-Benz Winter Event Commercial 2012 – 2013 Special Offer for Luxury Vehicles. Naughty or nice, SWE Auto Prep can provide the most comprehensive vehicle preparation and specialty services available!

SWE Auto Prep’s Peel Coat services […]

The Crunchy Nut’s Crunchy Truck

In addition to fabricating every part of the truck, including the wooden “honey dipper”, the satellite bowl, over-sized spoons and even the percolating milk bottles mounted on the hood, SWE Auto Prep’s fabrication shop provided […]