What are the size & dimensions of the SWE Auto Prep Transportation Fleet?

Below you will find direct links to each of our vehicles in the SWE Auto Prep Transportation Fleet with important information like length, width, height, registered weight and special features.

Truck 08 & Trailer 108 | Truck 07 & Trailer 117 | Truck 17 & Trailer 112 | Trucks 10 & 11 | Trucks 14 & 15

Can SWE Auto Prep Charge Electric Cars?

SWE Auto Prep has electric charging stations for all-electric vehicles. We are fully equipped with in-shop and mobile charging stations. Each manufacturer has their own unique chargers and the technical experts at SWE Auto Prep can adapt to the specifications of a variety of chargers. See a complete list of SWE Auto Prep facilities capabilities here.

What security does SWE Auto Prep Facilities have?

Detailed descriptions and pictures of the SWE Auto Prep facility can be found here. Each location has interior secured storage with maximum security, central alarm systems and fire protection, as well as private secured areas for prototype vehicles.