Fabrication & Mechanical Effects

/Fabrication & Mechanical Effects

SWE Auto Prep offers a full range of design, engineering, and construction capabilities. All of our facilities – machine shop, welding, sheet metal fabrication and electronics shops – are available 24 hours a day. Services include construction of prototype vehicles, right-hand drive conversions, seat bucks, and electronics fabrication and installation.

Often, these custom fabricated vehicles require proper recycling and disposal after use in the television commercials and videos. Providing full service from start to finish, SWE Auto Prep follows through with the dismantling, acquisition of proper title, registration, and recycling of these vehicles. Vehicles are photographed before, during, and after the recycling process and clients are provided with all documentation and proof of final destruction.

Some of Our Recent Fabrication and Mechanical Effects Work

  • KITT

Behind the Scenes with KITT on the Samsung Smart Home Commercial

We got to hang with The Hoff himself on a recent Samsung commercial shoot. The SWE Auto Prep staff also showed superstar TV legend KITT the royal treatment! View the spot here.

KITT vs Samsung smart home

David Hasselhoff stars in a major shoot for the Samsung Smart Home. KITT, the world's first smart car, is none too pleased. View behind the scene pictures from the shoot here.

Kanye West, & Jay-Z’s Otis music video features SWE Auto Prep Fabrication

“Otis” is a song by American hip hop artists Kanye West and Jay-Z, from their first collaborative album Watch the Throne. The song posthumously features soul singer Otis Redding, whose version of “Try a Little [...]

The Crunchy Nut’s Crunchy Truck

In addition to fabricating every part of the truck, including the wooden “honey dipper”, the satellite bowl, over-sized spoons and even the percolating milk bottles mounted on the hood, SWE Auto Prep’s fabrication shop provided [...]

Smart Car Safety — Smart Car Commercial on Tridion Safety Cell

Go behind the scenes on the making of the smart car commercial about the strength of the Tridion safety cell. Witness how smart's Tridion cell can easily carry a full-size SUV with absolutely no problem.

High Strength Steel Safety Cage – Smart Car Safety Features

Discover how smart car is the only vehicle in the world that has a high strength steel safety cage called the tridion safety cell that can withstand over 3.5 tons. Check out SWE Auto Prep's [...]