BMW’s “Eyes on GiGi” features Gigi Hadid and the first-ever BMW M2. Packed with pure power and performance, when you see the M2 in action, it’s hard to focus on anything else. Even siting still everyone here in the SWE Auto Prep Vehicle Preparation & Specialty Services department couldn’t keep our eyes off of the BMW M2.

The first-ever BMW M2 stole our hearts! Check it and Gigi Hadid in a series of videos including a teaser, the question, the answer, and a 360 degree video.

Eyes on Gigi Hadid. Teaser.

The BMW M2 – Eyes On Gigi Hadid (Answer)

The BMW M2 – Eyes on Gigi Hadid (360° Video)

So we have to ask do you prefer the 5 in Long Beach Blue Metallic or the 1 in Red?