Additional Capabilities

/Additional Capabilities

Mobile Tire Changing Unit

This unit is a self contained tire changing unit that goes out with a highly skilled tech. It is especially crucial (and a cost saver), when high performance driving will be done on set with the need to change tires on set without having to have premounted wheels/tires on set.

The Mobile Tire Changing Unit & Tech can potentially save $1000’s of dollars on shoot day.

Shelly Ward Mobile Tire Changing Unit

This unit/tech combo is also used as a safeguard during filming off-road, on race tracks or where there will be high performance stunt driving where the ability to quickly mount a new tire(s)can save the shoot day.


Repairs & Body Shop

Even with the most careful preparation and anticipation of what might go wrong on a shoot, vehicles often return to the SWE facility with minor sand and rock chips on paint surfaces and headlight, grill, bumper areas, and windshields. Our onsite paint and body shop, paint-free dent repair, and vehicle interior and leather repair specialists ensure the vehicle is restored to showroom condition.

Window Tinting

A 30 year relationship with our tinting vendor provides 24/7 availability and maintains a tinting department onsite in a collaborative partnership with SWE. Relationships with other tint application shops throughout the country enable SWE to provide the same quality of tint service anywhere by applying pre-cut tint to vehicles being filmed in distant locations.


The Shelly Ward Enterprises facilities are designed to maximize the workflow of the detailing process. Starting with the city of Los Angeles approved wash bays, the vehicles are washed and the interiors prepped, including carpet and seat protective covers. Second stage is a 107-point inspection, then waxing, tire, and trim detail.  Wrap is the same process in reverse with vehicles being returned to showroom condition. We are accustomed to working with vehicles that are pulled out of the manufacturer’s distribution system, as opposed to working with corporate or fleet vehicles. By wrapping vehicles to be returned to a dealer showroom and from there on to the buyer of a new car, SWE’s standards are designed to meet the expectations of even the most discriminating customer.

Rental Equipment

Rental equipment includes SWE’s Mobile Tire Changing Unit, Turntable, Dyno rig, mobile pressure washer and access to an entire fleet of camera cars, electric tracking vehicles, tow vehicles and process trailers.

Art Department

Shelly Ward Enterprises maintains an outsourced art department and works with various individuals and graphics vendors based on job requirements. For specific fabrication projects, SWE works closely with art directors contributing ideas and mechanical feasibility feedback. Often, SWE is called upon to contribute technical knowledge in scene correctness, such as what a NASCAR pit stop should look like or what graphics would be correct for an Audi rally race car or Pike’s Peak Hill Climb car, off-road races, and virtually any area of motor sports or recreation.